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We ride ATVs and snowmobiles for fun as our way to enjoy the public land.  We do NOT abuse these lands. Our policy is to take care of them so our children and grand children will be able to see them in any matter they choose.  We actively oppose any restrictions of access on our public lands when restrictions are implemented without compelling evidence and logical reasons.  

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2013 Grant

We would like to thank Yamaha Corporation and Kevin Anderson at

Grand Mesa Motor Sports for their continual support of the OHV community.

The Yamaha OHV Access Initiative is a proactive, grass roots program supported by Yamaha dealers and customers nationwide promoting safe, responsible riding and sustainable, open riding areas. Through the OHV Access Initiative, Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. provides GRANTs to deserving organizations to help further the program’s goal of Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nation's Trails.

The Thunder Mountain Wheelers ATV Club (TMW) volunteers maintain 175 plus miles of designated OHV trails each year through the Forest Service and BLM “Adopt The Trail Program” on the Grand Mesa, Gunnison and Uncompahgre public lands. Typical manufactured trailers can’t hold up to the loads and demands of trail repair and maintenance, therefore TMW, along with help from Grand Mesa Motor Sports of Delta, applied for and received a $7315.00 grant from the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative for the fabrication of 3 power dump trailers to use for OHV trail maintenance, restoration and repair.

TMW volunteers often need to transport equipment and materials several miles over challenging terrain, so having trailers that ride and maneuver well is critical to the safety and success of the project. The new trailers are capable of hauling 1000 lb. loads of either rock or dirt. Equipped with Torflex axles and ATV tires, these trailers have a smooth ride, with little or no bounce even when pulled on our rough mountain trails.  Each trailer is also equipped with a power dump system and dump truck style end gate for easy unloading. Additionally, these trailers comply with the 50” width requirements established by the Forest Service for all ATV’s.

With budget cuts to government agencies, the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative grant is vital to ATV clubs and organizations for the continual maintenance, restoration and safety of thousands of miles of public OHV trails.

A Vital Part of Helping TMW Keep Trails Open for Every Generation

Yamaha OHV Access Initiative

2014 Grant

The Yamaha OHV Acccess Initiative awarded TMW a grant in the amount of $3776.00 for the purchase of EZ Roll Grass Pavers, a plastic celled mat used for erosion control. This product will be rolled out on problem areas, covered with rock or dirt to stabilize the trail. Yamaha also donated a generator that will be used to power an electric jack hammer and other power accessories used for our trail maintenance work. Thanks again Yamaha for your generosity in helping TMW to preserve OHV trails in Colorado.